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Bedtime Stories for the Brave
A dark collection of psychological thrillers that ensnare the mind and entrap the soul of the reader. Are you brave enough to read in the darkened hours before bedtime? If not, wait for the sun, take a break in your day, and step into my chilling world.
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The Baker's Choice


Nicollet Schneider knew that her past didn’t make her a good candidate to be a wife and mother. Instead, she partnered with her beloved foster sisters to open a successful bakery. Nic’s life was going just the way she planned until the morning her estranged biological sister dropped off a nephew Nic didn’t know she had; a little boy who needed love and care. The arrival of her new ward sets Nic’s life onto a journey of change, especially when her chief decorator quits without warning.

Alex Flannery is desperate for a job when his car dies on his way to his interview. The charming cake artist has spent a year trying to recover his life from a personal tragedy. He sees his reclamation in Nic’s eyes when he races late into his interview. With his little girl’s happiness on the line, can this single father convince Nic to give him a chance?

In a story of finding love and family, can Nick trust herself and Alex to prove that love always wins when you allow yourself to love and be loved? 

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