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In my end-of-year blog post, I talked about what I call "bait" posts often seen on Facebook. These posts are meant to trigger a reaction, which is usually negative. 
The folks who are drawn in by these posts have usually suffered a loss, break-up, or they're in a melancholy mood. They are drawn in because they are emotionally vulnerable. 
The people who mass produce these posts are preying on folks who need support and understanding to heal and recover. The posts are often phrased to appear like a life-raft for someone who is hurting. At first glance, you might perceive them as a statement of reclamation. "I'm acknowledging I've been hurt and moving on." But, in reality, the posts are written to keep folks drowning in sadness and negativity. So I'm going to try and combat those harmful posts with my posts. They won't be mass-produced, but they will be written to (hopefully) inspire and lead folks back toward strength, self-respect, self-value, and most importantly, toward healing. If my little thoughts help someone, that's all I'm hoping to accomplish. 
I'm not a counselor, and the posts aren't meant as a cure, more as reminders that there are better choices than trying to bait people into reacting. But, please, if you're suffering from severe depression or thoughts of self-harm, reach out for help. Mental illness isn't a stigma - it's a disease like any other disease. 

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255

Every new day presents a unique opportunity. We are all capable of greatness if we believe in ourselves. 

-Anola Clasing

Every journey starts with the first step. Each step takes you closer to your goal. You only fail when you stop walking. 

-Anola Clasing 

Look for the beauty inside yourself for the true you. It's in there, even if when it's well hidden. 

-Anola Clasing

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