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The Season of Kindness

I love the Christmas season and have since I was a little girl waiting for Santa to arrive. I would start my own Christmas countdown on...

Think Before Responding

As we head toward the holiday season and the end of 2020, I've been thinking about the year. It has been a rough year for our world; I...

Alien Abduction?

Despite the rumors flying around that aliens abducted me, I am still here on planet Earth. I have been remiss writing my blog, and though...

Opening my Eyes

I talked about 2020 being an intense year of strife. I believe that 2020 is sending us a message, and we should try to clear our vision...

Seeing Clearly

I think it's safe to say that 2020 has been a crazy year. It will be the year that will be talked about for decades. This will be the...

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