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It's That Cookie Time of Year

If you love Girl Scout cookies and are having a challenge finding sellers this year, I have an alternative. Girl Scout Troop 6000 is a very special troop made up of homeless girls living in the New York shelter system. The troop itself was created by young girls surviving in a shelter in Queens, New York. It's an inspiring story, and these young women are our future leaders.

Typically, I purchase from our local troop and buy a couple of boxes online from Troop 6000 to support a very special group of young women. When you buy online from Troop 6000, every single penny of your purchase goes to support this essential troop that gives homeless girls hope for a brighter future.

You also get to taste those delectable Girl Scout cookies! If you're interested in purchasing online and supporting Troop 6000, click the link below to buy cookies, donate, or read further about Troop 6000!

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