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My Heart Is Overflowing

I always try to be completely open with my emotions, dear readers. I have no poker face...ZERO! All that I feel shows on my face, in my voice; hell, it probably shows in my hair. Today tears of thanks and appreciation are running down my face as I type this blog. My latest blog about Santa's Angels inspired one of my dear readers to help foster children in need.

Until she read my blog, she was not aware of the many challenges that face foster children, in addition to the emotional trauma they experience. After reading my blog, this true angel of Santa helped six children through her donation to Together We Rise. She wanted to remain anonymous, and I will fiercely protect her identity; however, she wanted to put out a Christmas challenge to other readers.

She will match each donation for up to 30 children! Each one of you that helps one kid will be supporting two lost kids this holiday season. We can make a difference in 60 lives if only 30 of my readers make a single $25.00 donation.

I admit that this is very close to my heart for personal reasons. You never forget a child carrying their belongings in a green trash bag as they enter the home of a stranger. They're frightened, lost because they've been pulled away from their family. Even when the situation is desperate for the child, they're still scared and alone without the family they've always known.

My dear friend and reader is a person who always honors her promises. For each donation, she will - without fail - match up to 30 donations. If money is tight, think of perhaps sharing the donation with another person, lowering the cost to you from $25.00 to 12.50; we spend that on a fast-food meal deal.

You can email a copy of your donation to or post on my Facebook page that you've donated. I have no reason to doubt the honor system when angels are at work.

Please click the graphic below and show a foster child how much you care!

Thank you all so very much!

Sending love and virtual hugs,


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