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Seeing Clearly

I think it's safe to say that 2020 has been a crazy year. It will be the year that will be talked about for decades. This will be the year our children will relate to their children and grandchildren, saying, "In 2020, we had the following but not limited to:"

  • COVID-19

  • Toilet paper shortage because of the virus

  • Shortage of disinfecting products

  • Depression/recession

  • Riots and protests demanding fair treatment of all people to dismantle what many see as systemic racism

  • A heated and insane election - we all know the election will be heated and insane - MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD AND VOTE!

  • Two hurricanes that liked each other enough to marry and become one big bitch of a storm.

  • The uninvited asteroid that decided to visit Earth the day before the election.

Of course, this list may grow longer as the year continues to age, but as of this writing, it's what we have. They'll relate tales of this year with glee, proving to their young people how easy they now have it, even if they live under a dome! It's also the moment our adult children realize they've turned into us because we all experience that moment that we've become our parents.

Like many of my colleagues, my lengthy career in travel has ended in 2020. I've left the company where I've been loyal for twenty-four years. I read the posts on Facebook from those taking VESP and see so many names I know and respect. As with their posts, I've been gobsmacked by my decision to make such a huge decision. We're all unsettled and afraid, saddened that this huge part of our lives ended this way.

I refuse to let 2020 make me her bitch, I've decided to make 2020 my bitch. This is my year to claim as a year of renewal, to turn a phrase, my reclamation. Yes, I'm taking back what's left of this year and doing with it what I want. I'm starting to see 2020 very clearly - I've been missing something.

It is said that those who see almost perfectly have 20/20 vision, and this should be the year of perfect vision - it's 2020! This year has been rife with challenges that we claim we are seeing, but are we genuinely seeing what's happening in 2020? Are we looking at this year with perfect visual acuity? Perhaps the point of this year is to acknowledge that something is at work in our world. Maybe this is a year of learning that we have almost no control, even when we think we do. Are we missing a message telling us that we should look deeply within ourselves and make changes that we've avoided?

I know I've avoided making changes in my life because I was content and happy in my work. Oh, there were times it drove me mad; overall, I was content. Why? I was good at my job, respected, and worked for a company that helped provide for my family's needs. I wasn't really content; I was actually comfortable. We all know that change frightens most of us, and this has been a year of change for everyone. Change makes us uncomfortable.

I decided to see this year of 2020 with 20/20 vision and take back what I could control. Over the next several days, I'm going to blog about how I took part of my life back from the hag we call 2020.

In no way was it easy to reclaim control, and it did not happen overnight. I was furloughed in early April, and it's almost September, so you can see it took some time.

My way may not be the right way for anyone else, but I want to share with folks experiencing the same fears and melancholy I've been experiencing, particularly the people in my GBT family. I know I don't have all of the answers; hell, I don't have many at all. I do know what's worked for me, and it might just work for you.

Just remember to keep the faith, and know you're not alone! If you think you are, click on this blog and you'll know I'm with you in spirit.

Sending love and virtual hugs!


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