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Stop the Madman - Save Ukraine

I typically don't discuss political issues; however, the abomination occurring in Ukraine must be addressed. I and so many others are sickened by this unprovoked attack, launched with a single goal in mind - power!

Putin was a KGB operative for over 15 years, finally retiring as a lieutenant colonel to begin a political career. Putin followed a clear path in his quest for power. For a short period, Putin was the director of the FSB (Federal Security Service), followed by a stint as the secretary of the Security Council. The FSB is the successor to the KGB, and the Security Council is supposedly a council that coordinates decisions based on national security. It is composed of the top leaders in Russia, with the Russian president sitting at the head - Putin.

In 1999, Putin was appointed Prime Minister, transitioning into acting president after Boris Yeltsin resigned. Putin has slowly and systematically continued his journey to reach his goal, and I believe his goal is terrifying; rebuild the Soviet Union or worse. The invasion of Ukraine is further proof of his diabolical plan.

We must remember that other countries known for inhumane atrocities will join him with a complete lack of regard for human life. They want only to be the biggest and the most powerful, damn the innocents who are slaughtered in the wake of their insanity.

If you're unfamiliar with what Ukraine contributes to the world, please do some studying to understand better why the madman called Putin invaded this country.

We must stand with the Ukrainian and Russian people and pray for this slaughter of innocents to end quickly. Please remember the megalomaniacal madman at the root of this horror is not representative of the Russian people.

There is a time for talk and a time for action; right now, it's the time for action. Once before, a corrupt madman wreaked havoc on our world, resulting in the deaths of millions of people. We need to stop this lunatic before we add another name to the list of despotic murders who work only for their own obsessive need for power.

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