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Finding Destiny

Emmanuelle Larsen was the quintessential good girl who followed the rules except for once. She leaps to her destiny when she takes a chance, altering her future with one jump. Finally, after ten years away, she finds the past waiting for her when she returns to her hometown.  A woman who has become accustomed to taking chances, does she dare take the ultimate gamble and end up with happily ever after?

Coming in 2022 - Emmanuelle's story! 

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The Baker's Choice

Nicollet Schneider knew that her past didn’t make her a good candidate to be a wife and mother. Instead, she partnered with her beloved foster sisters to open a successful bakery. Nic’s life was going just the way she planned until the morning her estranged biological sister dropped off a nephew Nic didn’t know she had; a little boy who needed love and care. The arrival of her new ward sets Nic’s life onto a journey of change, especially when her chief decorator quits without warning.

Alex Flannery is desperate for a job when his car dies on his way to his interview. The charming cake artist has spent a year trying to recover his life from a personal tragedy. He sees his reclamation in Nic’s eyes when he races late into his interview. With his little girl’s happiness on the line, can this single father convince Nic to give him a chance?

In a story of love and family, Nic discovers that love triumphs when you allow yourself to love and be loved. 

"Well written and clever, with a main character who is quirky but easy to relate to, even when she's perfectly imperfect. The story weaves complex elements very subtly, which lends depth to the story and holds the reader's interest right to the very last page. Perhaps a sequel?"
"I finished the book, and to be honest, I wanted so bad to flip to the last couple of chapters but stopped myself. LOL! It was an absolutely wonderful story. I loved it and shed a few tears in the process."

Thank you for taking a moment from your day to visit my website. I love reading and have from
the time I was a very young child. Reading has always been my escape when reality was
becoming a bit too…well, real. That’s why you see that I’m not only a writer and storyteller, but
I’m also a reader. I don’t want to confuse anyone into thinking I’m a book critic!
I also started writing at a young age, filling my diary not with a chronicle of my daily life, but
with short stories that were inspired by something that had frightened me.
Like all people, I have experienced fear and have my anxieties; however, I’m really not afraid of
much. I was speaking with a friend recently about fear and admitted that I don’t deal well with
She responded, “You don’t have enough experience with it to know how to deal with it.” She
was absolutely correct.
My philosophy on overcoming fear has always been to face it straight on and mock it. One of the
ways I mock fear is to turn it into a fictional tale. I’ll grab the reality of something frightening
and turn it into fiction. In some stories, the dread is simply a twisted tale, but in others, it can
result in dark humor. Let’s call it one of my coping skills.
My short stories are always a bit twisted, very unlike my longer works, which are almost
exclusively Contemporary Romance. There will always be a little twist in those as well, but not
like my tiny tales of terror. Okay, so they may not all be terrifying, but they are usually written to
mess with the mind!
If you’d like to spend a few minutes with my short stories, click the link below.
I hope you enjoy what I write, and I am indebted to each and every person who spends some
time with me and my stories.

The Bookshelf
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